Light Painting by Julian Cash

Event Logistics

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Having us take photos at your event is fully unique.

People are blown away by how fun and interesting the experience is and how fantastic the results are. People often feel as though they've discovered something new and magical. The ideas for the photographs are come up with on the fly and are collaborations between the people being photographed and Julian. After the event is over, it’s fun watching how many people change their Facebook profile pictures to a light painted portraits of themselves and the great comments those pictures get. People LOVE this! Even the judges on America's got Talent raved about us.

How are Light Painting Portraits created?

The basic process of light painting is simple. This is part of the appeal.

  1. Make a room dark
  2. Open shutter on camera that's on a tripod
  3. Pass lights on and around the person being photographed
  4. Close shutter

Tech Requirements

Tech requirements (in short):

A Room or Space which is dark

In order to do light painting portraits, a dark environment is needed. There are many ways to achieve this. 

Various options

Here are some of the options we offer:


Let us know the type of event/client, the length, the approximate date, and the city it's in. If you have thoughts on which option we should use for making a dark room, that would help. If you want a live slideshow of the images at the event say so.

Call or email for pricing.